Qatar has refused to stop supplying gas to the Emirates

Photo: Getty Images Qatar will continue to supply gas to UAE after the rupture of diplomatic relations

Despite the severance of diplomatic relations with the UAE, Doha will continue to supply gas.

Qatar will continue to supply gas to the UAE, despite the severance of diplomatic relations, reports Al Jazeera, citing the General Director of state Corporation Qatar Petroleum Sharida Saad al-Kaabi.

“Isolation from the Arab countries of today for us was a force majeure that allows you to suspend the supply of gas to the UAE. But if we turn off the gas, it will inflict great damage to the people of this country, that we believe their brothers,” said he.

As you know, Qatar daily supply of 56.6 million cubic meters of natural gas to the UAE from the field North Field by pipeline.

Meanwhile, in the UAE urged the West to help monitor the implementation of Qatar’s commitment to refrain from financing terrorism .

As you know, Qatar is accused of financing terrorism. According to media reports, $ 1 billion was handed over to terrorists as ransom for the captives in southern Iraq in 2015, members of the Royal family.

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