Rebrov: Now in the Champions League everyone can beat everyone

Serhiy Rebrov



Photo: FC Dynamo (Kiev)

Head coach of “Dynamo” Sergei Rebrov spoke about the status of Dynamo “collections” and not only.

— Sergey Stanislavovich, everyone is talking about the match PSG — Barcelona. How do you interpret this result?

I used to like the game Paris team, but with the arrival of Unai emery PSG has become much more organized in attack and defence. Significantly increased the intensity, there was good pressure and collective selection. Of course, the first goal in the home game always adds confidence in their abilities, but to some extent this fight is lost, and Barcelona. It seemed that the Spaniards somewhere underestimated the enemy. At this level

The French in his field are always aggressive actions in attack. Remember when Yuri Semin we played in Paris in the Champions League. The score was 0:4. Then, too, was of the highest intensity .

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— You remembered the defeat from PSG, but did not remember the 4:0 at camp Nou…

— Of course, all day everyone is talking about 1997, when Dinamo defeated Barcelona. Away it’s worth it.

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— In the first match of 1/8 finals won and Benfica. Were you surprised by that?

— Absolutely. We know this team. Now in the Champions League everyone can beat everyone. In Lisbon, too, was a very intense game, both teams did not sit in the defense, tried to attack. And this match too, of course, looked…

— Prior to the resumption of the championship of Ukraine remains 10 days. The condition on the moment your team?

— All show the first official matches. We could not, of course, to play with the opponents we had planned (e.g. Malaga), but nothing wrong with that. Found a replacement, although in the final stage of the camp when a championship has been revived, it’s not easy. However, in General the quantity and quality of sparring, we are satisfied.

The degree of readiness, once again, will see and understand in March, but analysis of the intensity of the game our numbers are growing. I hope that in the last two test matches, our guys will show their maximum at the moment of preparation.

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— How do you like Chinese clubs? In Spain, too, there is a football boom that has engulfed this country?

We understand and sparring, and the names of coaches and players that there are. Played with diverse bands, for us it was a good experience and a lot of useful information.

— Before the first round of this year’s Dynamo three personnel of holes: Moraes and Serhiy Rybalka will not play against Zorya because of suspension, while Serhiy sydorchuk — due to injury. Big problem?

I always say that the team should be competitive, and skipping this match will be for the players a good lesson. Here, they play well in their positions other performers, and disqualified to lose the place in lineup. Let’s see what happens, but we have someone to replace the incapacitated players. All the guys missed official matches, and they have something to prove…

As for Serhiy Sydorchuk, tomorrow, Thursday, he will begin work with a trainer on rehabilitation. I hope his recovery goes well, and the midfielder is quickly back in operation and will prepare for the resumption of the championship.

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— Having been on one of your friendlies, the chief coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko good things about the game striker Roman Yaremchuk, whom you brought out of the lease. We can say that the guy has finally entrenched in the team?

— I believe that, even in a rental, he has proven that he is ready to compete and play in Dinamo. We see his attitude to work, diligence all the young guys, and we can not but rejoice.

— You already talked about that this spring for many of your players main motivation is getting into the national team of Ukraine…

— Yes, it’s now a great incentive for all players — not only from Dynamo or Shakhtar. We saw in the fall that the national team invited a lot of young people. Everyone has the chance to prove it. Always, and especially now, when our country goes to war, to play for the national team is a huge honor. I am sure that everyone wants to get on the field and prove that we are a strong nation.

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The nearest rival team — the national team of Croatia. Draw, in your opinion, will be an acceptable result?

— Before the game is even more than a month, so it’s too early to talk about it. Now many collectors have to have a good start at the official level, and then we’ll see. Croats, of course, a strong team, but we must first see who the coaches will call. But in any case, to fear nothing!

The main thing that all of our players approached this match without injuries and with play practice. I hope that we, the club coaches, his work also will help the team to perform successfully in a difficult away match.

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— I suspect that you and Andriy Shevchenko left a certain grudge against the Croats for the year 1997. Perhaps these matches you don’t really want to remember?

— In fact, do not want to remember of arbitrators (smiles), but the game itself was on a good level. Away, the referee judged with only one goal, but ruled out a homemade ball and remember so well. I may not know today some of the players who played for Croatia, but the referee, alas, well remembered…

However, I don’t think it makes sense to strain your memory about those matches. Then there was the playoffs, now will be the game of the group stage. Important – no doubt about it, but there will still be fights. For the Croats, of course, should be taken very, very seriously, but in football nothing is impossible, and proved it yesterday’s match PSG – Barcelona.

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