Release ex-mayor of Slavyansk Shtepa under house arrest, the judges complained to the VSP on the pressure

Judge of Lenin district court of Kharkiv Viktor Viktorov, Vitaly Bondarenko and Aleksandr Grinchuk who took the decision on changing the measure of restraint former mayor Slovia nsk Neelie Shtepa from detention to house arrest, appealed to the head of the High Council of justice (SCJ) Igor Benedick notification of interference in their activities by the prosecution.

The text of the document on his page on the social network Facebook was published by the lawyer N. Shtepa A. Tananakin.

The appeal stated that on November 28, 2017 one month after the decision to change the preventive measure, which is opposed by the Prosecutor, the court asked the man who introduced himself as the investigator of Prosecutor’s office and through the assistant Secretary court tried to serve the summons V. Ezhov for his interrogation. The judge at that time was in holiday.

“In addition, judges Viktorov V., Bondarenko V. A. Grinchuk, it became known that concerning them opened criminal proceedings. However, as of the moment, appropriate procedural measures or investigative actions with the participation of judges was not conducted, notification of suspicion of judges is not presented. We believe that the decision by a panel of judges regarding the change of a measure of restraint did not satisfy the Prosecutor and most likely representatives of the Prosecutor about judges Viktorov V., Bondarenko V., Grinchuk A. the notification was made in eRDR on the fact of committing a crime under article 375 of the Criminal code (the imposition by judges of obviously illegal sentence, decision, definition or resolution),” – said in the document.

The authors are asked I. Benedick to appeal to the Prosecutor General on the issue of providing information about whether there was opened against them criminal cases and does them pre-trial investigation.

“Because of the above circumstances give reason to believe that officials of the procuracy carry out the intervention in the work of judges, which violates the guarantees of independence of judges” motivates his request by the authors of the document.

The results of the analysis of the statements of the judge is being asked to take “further steps to prevent situations where the actions of the subjects of law enforcement is beyond the authority granted by the law and are in the nature of abuse of procedural rights, which is trying to implement non-procedural control over the proceedings of the courts and the legitimacy and validity of judicial decisions.”

The document is dated 11 December 2017. As stated on the official website of VSP, it was registered December 15, 2017. Information about the test results (the decision of VSP) is currently not on the site.

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