Respecatable Russia “Viktor Leonov” sailed off the coast of the largest US Navy base media

The ship of the Russian Navy, “Victor Leonov” was discovered in international waters off the East coast of the United States of 120.4 km South-East of the city of Norfolk (Virginia).

According to “Russian conversation”, the intelligence ship of the Russian Navy did not come into U.S. waters, but was not far from the largest naval base of the United States. That is where the headquarters of the Atlantic fleet of the Navy of America.

The Fox News channel, citing its sources said that “Viktor Leonov” has never tried to leave international waters. Note that the territorial waters of the United States end in 22, 2 km from the East coast.

It is also known that the us Navy and carrier aviation has not taken action regarding respecatable Russia. According to sources, a TV channel off the coast of the United States, there are 4 American ship . It is noteworthy that their crews allegedly failed to receive a command to intercept signals on Board the “Victor Leonov”.

The last time this Russian respecatable observed off the coast of the United States in 2015. The us military is making it as the vehicle for intercepting radio communications and learning of the parameters of the sonar. Belongs to the 3rd generation of ships, which developed in the USSR in 80-ies of XX century.

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