Ribs: Up fees, we can’t discuss who will come to Dinamo, and who will go

Serhiy Rebrov



Head coach of Kiev “Dynamo” Sergei Rebrov during today’s meeting with the fans and answered their questions.

– Will there be a new season for the positions of full-backs, Dubinchuk and Timchik? Whether such players as Morozyuk Gromov, Smooth?

– I don’t like to talk about personalities. For me, all the players who have it the players of “Dynamo”. Has not yet begun training camp, and we can’t discuss who will go and come. If we talk about the young players, Timchik already played for the first team. the other U-19 players train and play with the team. For some reason, you did not mention the name Tsygankova, because for all he became a first team regular. If you think that I don’t like working with young players, you’re wrong. But you name at least one team in Europe or the world that, like us, puts the maximum of the problem, and immediately rejuvenates the team for 8-9 people . Yes, they are fun to play in the UEFA Youth League, but they play with their peers. They show very good football. They have high expectations, the team as “Dinamo”, to rejuvenate the squad 100%. Chances will be given to all these players. Now they have achieved the objectives of reaching the play-offs of the UEFA Youth League. Then they will have other purposes. The most important thing is to get into the first team and stay there, not to win the tournament. I hope they will achieve it.

– Whether for a fee with Dynamo Khlyobas and scored a quick goal? Or do you advise them what Andrievsky?

– I don’t like it when my conversations with players will find themselves in the press. If I say to a man, then tell him. For example, you said that Yaremchuk said that the coach is not talking to him. I talk to all the players and I don’t know why Roman said. I give a chance to all the players, but Dinamo is not a team experiments. You only see the game, but I see every day workout. I wish that I grew up with the players of the total communication. If Khlyobas and scored a quick goal, and Yaremchuk, will give his heart and soul into the training team, they get the chance. Now Yaremchuk’s coming with us to the collection, and I have expectations. He went out on any level and I hope not to stop there.

– What book did you read last? Do you suggest some books to the players?

– Suggest, but they are not really listening. While some listen. Perhaps they have little time. I read a lot. The last book I read PEP Guardiola. Before that, read the book of tennis player Andre Agassi. I read enough, because in coaching you are faced with situations that need to be addressed. For this you must rely on your experience or the experience of others. Or you learn something, go on training courses. Only from here you can extract information to solve some problem. There is no other way.

– Expect some signings in the winter transfer window?

– Any team should be updated or young players or new. Someone needs to go, someone to come, but do not always have the opportunity. Let’s hope it will be.

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