Riots and dozens injured: what turned the right-wing March in Charlottesville

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© AP Photo/Steve Helber

© AP Photo/Steve Helber

© AP Photo/Steve Helber

© AP Photo/Steve Helber

© AP Photo/Steve Helber

© AP Photo/Steve Helber

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© AP Photo/Steve Helber

© AP Photo/Steve Helber

© AP Photo/Steve Helber

© AP Photo/Steve Helber

© AP Photo/Steve Helber

© AP Photo/Steve Helber

WASHINGTON, August 13. /TASS/. A March of right-wing activists in Charlottesville (Virginia), among whom were members of the racist organization, the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis escalated on Saturday in violent clashes with their opponents, as a result, dozens of people were injured and authorities had to impose a state of emergency. When the actions of protesters on both sides were in full swing in downtown tragedy: the unknown at great speed drove a car into a crowd of people.

What happened?

It all began with a torchlight procession of right-wing, which they organized spontaneously in the night from Friday to Saturday. After clashes with those who oppose such actions.

Isolated incidents escalated into massive riots in the center of a small city, whose population is only about 40 thousand people. Clashes of protesters occurred a few hours before a planned demonstration “Unity of right” in the Park of Emancipation against the decision of the local authorities to demolish the monument to the commander of the army of the Confederate States of America Robert Edward Lee (1807-1870). As a result, the situation got out of control, and the action had to be cancelled.

Subsequently, the Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe announced the state of emergency, which allowed to involve in the settlement of the situation with state police and National guard troops. The guards managed to push the protesters from the Emancipation garden, but soon in the city centre has been another incident: in a crowd of people opposed to the nationalists, at full speed entered is unknown, but after a few moments, in reverse and left the scene.

As a result of the incident injured 19 people, killing 32-year-old woman. The guards soon managed to detain the offender, his identity is not reported.

According to police the city in demonstrations participated in a total of about 2-6 thousand people in clashes over medical assistance to 14 people. As noted later, the chief of police of Charlottesville, al Thomas, “injuries from activists as a result of clashes with police were recorded.”

In the afternoon, near Charlottesville, there was another incident in a wooded area collapsed, a police helicopter patrolling the city during the riots. As a result, two guards were on Board were killed.

The reaction of the White house

He reacted to the situation the US President Donald trump and his wife Melania, which is the first of the officials called for an end to violence. “Our country encourages freedom of speech, but let’s communicate without hatred in our hearts. Violence to anything good will not result”, – she wrote in his Twitter. Later the head of state before the signing of another Executive decree condemned the clashes and urged to restore the rule of law in Charlottesville.

In the evening, when demonstrations and clashes have all but stopped, the state’s Governor Terry McAuliffe, mayor Mike singer and police chief al Thomas held a press conference. They confirmed the number of victims and one victim as a result of collision of a motor vehicle, in addition, McAuliffe made an appeal to the far right.

“I have a message for all the racists and the Nazis, who arrived today in Charlottesville: go home. Do you think that you are patriots, but you are anything but patriots”, – he said. “For you there is no place here for you there’s no place in America,” said the Governor.

Condemnation of right-wing

During the ongoing unrest was not without criticism of trump. A number of liberal media and politicians expressed the view that the President is not rigidly reacted to the situation. Oil poured into the fire, and the statement of the former head of the racist organization, the Ku Klux Klan David Duke. “I would advise you to look in the mirror and remind yourself that white Americans have allowed you to become President, not ultra-left” – he turned to the head of state.

Later both Democrats and some Republicans said that Trump should publicly condemn the actions of the nationalists, who clash in Charlottesville. “For the people of the country is very important to hear how trump will describe events in Charlottesville as they actually happened: this was a terrorist attack racists” – said, in particular, the influential Senator Marco Rubio (Republican from Florida).

Separately, a sharp condemnation of the far right was made by Senator John McCain (Republican from Arizona). “Racists and neonazisti by definition oppose American patriotism and ideals that define us as a people and make our nation special. American patriots of all races and religions should unite and challenge those who raise the flag of hate and bigotry,” reads a statement released by the legislator.

Previous clashes

In July 2017 in Charlottesville already took action against the demolition of the mentioned monument to Edward Lee. At the end of the rally then ensued a fight between the Ku Klux Klan and their opponents from among the ordinary citizens. Police had to use pepper gas. In the end, 23 people were arrested, three more are taken to hospital.

Last year, the city Council of Charlottesville has decided to rename the Park named after General Lee in the city center in Emancipation garden, and the monument to the famous General put up for sale. Many have considered himself insulted by this decision, as under the banner of General half a century ago, fought by their ancestors. Virginia in the Civil war (1861-1865 years) supported the Confederate slave States, which led to its split and the formation of West Virginia, joined the North.

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