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Pavlo Rozenko



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According to him, the task of the working groups is to prevent cuts, transfer to part-time or “egalitarianism”.

The task has been created on behalf of the government of the working groups on monitoring of payment of wages – primarily in the budgetary institutions – to prevent the reduction of personnel, transfer to part-time or “equality” in pay.

As the press service of the government, it said is responsible for the monitoring procedure, the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko during a visit to Ivano-Frankivsk.

“In every region on my behalf have already begun to create a similar governmental working group on ensuring of raising the minimum wage. The task of these groups is to control the situation for each budget institution: what is happening there and how is the law of Ukraine on increasing the minimum salary up to 3200 UAH . Should there be any reductions, transfer to part-time employment or shorter working hours, – the press service quoted Rozenko. – Also impossible to avoid “egalitarianism” when low-skilled workers will receive as much as skilled workers.

Rozenko reminded that the government has provided all the necessary resources to ensure increased payments to workers of budgetary sphere. “To increase wages of workers of budgetary sphere, the government additionally has budgeted over 40 billion UAH”, – said Vice Prime Minister.

As reported, on January 1 of the current year in Ukraine came into force, the rate of increase in the minimum wage to RS 3200. Additional expenditure provision for raising the minimum wage, according to government estimates, will amount to $ 28 billion. In addition, from the beginning, entered into force legislation that, inter alia, provides for the imposition of a penalty for paying salaries “in envelope” in the amount of 100 minimum wages.

As emphasized by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman, the increase of salaries of Ukrainians this year is one of the key objectives of the government for this year.

Hroisman recalled that the government has already laid the foundations of industrial growth and development of industrial potential of the country, which will allow employers to ensure the growth of their income. However, along with industrial growth, we need to ensure the income growth of employees.

While Groysman drew attention that the government will closely monitor the implementation of this task and monitor the situation with payment of salaries in the public sector and the private sector. With this goal in government and at the local level was created special working groups to monitor the situation.

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