Russia eased the terms to cancel contracti

Russia said, when lifting sanctions in response

Business in Russia should proceed from the fact that the restrictions contribute to import substitution, will be abolished, said Deputy Prime Minister.

First Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov made the abolition of retaliatory sanctions by Russia on 31 December in the event of a thaw in relations with the West. He said this at the Gaidar forum.

“The time has come to understand that the sanctions will soon expire, or contractee. Anyway, in my job me and to the Minister of agriculture and Minister of the economy, most likely, must proceed from the fact that counter-sanctions will be lifted,” – said Shuvalov.

He said that the Russian business should proceed from the fact that the restrictions, which encourage import substitution, once it is cancelled .

“The fact that there was a certain period of time when the shortage of products from traditional suppliers our suppliers are able to take their niche with a weak ruble, with these administrative constraints, could climb up and reach shelves, and even bypassing them by means of electronic delivery (and it will only grow), but in this time, probably, [is] to open up the market in order to come to foreign suppliers”, – said Shuvalov.

Today the European Commission stated that the sanctions do not affect the EU economy.

And the promised response to US sanctions.

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