Samantha Power: U.S. will cede leadership of the Russian Federation or China, if you reduce funding of the UN

UN, January 13. /Offset. TASS Oleg Zelenin/. Russia or China will prevail in the UN, if the United States cut funding the world organization. This opinion was expressed by the U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Samantha Power, commenting on the preparation in the us Congress a bill providing for the reduction of contributions to the budget of the world organization in response to adopted by the Security Council in a December resolution against Israeli settlement activity.


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The history of the United Nations, told diplomats in the TASS special

“If we cut funding for the UN, the only one who will benefit will be countries like China or Russia, who are eager to have some discussions, the U.S. defended and promoted here (their) policy, taking a less rigid position. If US leadership in the UN is weakened, other countries will take our place . Think about some of the countries that do not share our approaches to fighting terrorism, promoting human rights, respect for international borders,” Power stated at his last press conference in the headquarters of the United Nations.

She stressed that it will not benefit the American people and “will not be helpful and the government of Israel”, which is one of the closest allies of the United States. In this Power called “absolutely untrue” allegations that the American delegation was allegedly secretly promoted a resolution in the UN security Council. She stressed that the United States did not object to its adoption as the document expresses support for the basic principles of Palestinian-Israeli peace process, condemns terrorism and illegal settlement activity.

According to the diplomat, she is aware of the discussions about the possible reduction or even complete rejection of contributions to the UN budget, which are conducted on Capitol hill in Washington, and believes that such a move would have disastrous consequences for American foreign policy. USA cover 22% of the costs of the world organization, the regular budget is $5.4 billion excluding peacekeeping operations. In total, the United States listed the needs of the UN about $3 billion a year.

“We dominated in the world in part because the primacy of the UN. If we tie their hands and deprive the organization of funding used for efforts in conflict resolution, humanitarian assistance, and to the Secretary-General on South Sudan and Cyprus, it is extremely much harm to US interests”, – said the diplomat.

On 23 December the UN security Council adopted resolution 2334 demanding Israel to immediately stop settlement activity in the Palestinian territories. The document was supported by 14 members of the security Council, while the US delegation abstained, not heeding the appeals of the Jewish state to block the text. After the adoption of the resolution, Israeli authorities stated that they would not do it, and also announced the reduction of contributions to the UN budget at $6 million.

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