Scientists believe that Titan has life




Photo: www.gogetnews.info

Science news:NASA found on the surface of Titanium molecules vinyl cyanide, scientists believe that the molecules are able to maintain nitrogen the surface of the planet.

The research team of NASA found on the surface of Titanium molecules vinyl cyanide. According to the reports of scientists, this molecule is quite capable of supporting life on n the surface of the planet.

Titan will not be called one of the most popular planets among the living organisms in the Solar system, since the temperature is higher than -180 °C, and an overabundance of nitrogen in the atmosphere and is entered into the surface in an icy embrace.

But the researchers say that the study managed to find out the possibility of “living” on the planet, because the cell membrane of the vinyl cyanide may be the basis for life in such a cold environment .

Once the Titanic in the icy atmosphere, the molecules fall into one of the largest methane oceans “Ligeia Mare”. At the moment Titan is the only one in galactic horizons planet with stable liquid surfaces.

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