Scientists call the extinction of the resorts in the Alps

Photo: Mountain Madness Experts called the time of extinction of the Alpine resorts

Experts say that by 2100, 70 percent of the snow cover of the Alps will disappear.

European scientists figured out the timing of the disappearance of the Alpine resorts. According to experts, already by the year 2100, about 70 percent of the snow cover of the Alps will disappear, reports The Cryosphere.

In their calculations the scientists were based on the current pace of global warming. In addition, the experts found that the snow cover will disappear by the end of the century in areas below 2.5 thousand meters above sea level .

The duration of the ski season will shrink by a month and a half, and the depth a ski cover up to the altitude of three thousand meters would be reduced by about 40 percent.

According to scientists, will suffer most ski resorts, which are located below 1.2 thousand meters above sea level. And this is about a quarter of the objects in the Alpine mountains.

Their findings are based on data of computer simulations using a package of ALPINE3D. It allows us to estimate loss of snow cover in the mountains.

Earlier it was reported that scientists took a huge crack in the Antarctic, a distance of about 40 kilometers.

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