Scientists have discovered an incredibly tenacious creatures

Photo: Social network Discovered new organisms that have an incredible vitality

They are able to survive even in extremely extreme conditions.

A group of scientists from the University of Queensland in Australia, discovered about eight thousand of microorganisms that were not known before. They all belong to the archaea and bacteria, reports Science Alert. These remarkable organisms that have an incredible vitality, existing in extreme conditions.

Full article on this topic was published in the edition of Nature Microbiology.

It is noted that most organisms are about 98-99 percent are extremophiles. Accordingly, they live in conditions not fit for other inhabitants.

These creatures survive in the toxic mine waters, hydrothermal springs, and other waters of high salinity, alkalinity or acidity.

Such conditions are virtually impossible to recreate in the laboratory . And the study of such organisms is possible due to the method metagenomic – studying the DNA fragments obtained from environmental samples.

in General, it was found 7280 realnyh and 623 bacterial genomes, belonging to twenty new types of microorganisms.


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