Scientists have discovered the disappearance of the river in Canada

Photo: Dan Arnold Hiking

Photo: Jim Best/University of Illinois

Photo: European Space Agency

Photo: Dan Shugar/University of Washington Tacoma

The loss of the river was discovered by using satellite images.

In Canada were the scientists recorded the disappearance of the river is slim. To detect this succeeded with the help of satellite images Sentinel2 European space Agency, reports Mashable.

The full study was published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

On the experts pictures it is noticeable that in 2015, the river was full of water at a time, like a year later she left alone streams.

The cause of this phenomenon scientists call the melting of the glacier Kaskawulsh, which had powered the Slims river. The melting of the glacier has led to the fact that he retreated southward nearly 1.5 kilometers, and the water is now z it leaked into the river Kaskawulsh, at that time, slim’s dry .

According to geologists, the phenomenon of the “theft” of the channel was assumed earlier. However, to date, scientists have not encountered him.


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