Scientists have found evidence of the existence of previously hidden continent Zealand, who lies in the ocean in ancient times

Just beneath the surface of New Zealand identified a large continent, or rather its traces and fragments, a breakaway from the array of Gondwana for tens of millions of years to the present day.

According to “Russian conversation” about the results of research became known from the publication of the journal GSA.

According to nick Mortimer, working in the Institute of Geology and nuclear physics Dunedin that in New Zealand, scientists of the XIX and XX centuries have managed to accumulate a large amount of information on the belonging of the Islands to the continental crust.

“Some of them even believed that this allows one to select New Zealand and the surrounding seabed in a separate continent. We have analyzed all known data and showed that this continent, Zealand, there,” – said the expert .

In recent years, scientists have obtained evidence that is incompatible with all ideas of mankind about the change of the continental face of our planet. All the theories describing these processes, is still far from certainty and perfection.

For example, recently managed to confirm the existence in ancient times a huge supercontinent Mauricie. It was located in the region of what is now the island of Mauritius. The continent broke up a few hundred thousand years ago.

As another example, it is possible to describe and New Zealand, according to Mortimer. This island differs in that it has no volcanic or tectonic origin, as it is other to gather in the oceans.

Previously it was assumed that New Zealand should be included in the composition of the Australian plate, one of the largest remnants of the continent of Gondwana, Rishelyevskaya with India and Antarctica almost a hundred million years ago.

Mortimer believes this theory is wrong. New Zealand should be attributed to the remnants of the other plate, the size of which is comparable with the Australian. However, that was under the ocean surface.

Partly this hypothesis is confirmed by the isolation of the sediments of the continental crust in the area of New Zealand. While among the remains of the plate under the archipelago and the Australian array has significant differences caused by the forming process.

It is assumed that in the cortex Zealand could appear crack. This resulted in the gradual submersion of the continent into the ocean.

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