Scientists have found that alcohol affects the appetite




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Researchers from Indiana University found that alcohol affects the brain centers responsible for appetite.

Scientists from the University of Indiana explained why after drinking alcohol I want to eat. They found that alcohol affects the brain centers responsible for appetite.

In the brain are the neurons responsible for hunger and blood sugar levels, also in the human body there are cells that produce agouti-related peptide. These cells control the feeling of hunger. When injected into the human body, ethyl alcohol inhibits the action of neurons and slows down the cells, it is linked to the emergence of feelings of hunger.

Scientists conducted an experiment on mice. Experimental mice were injected into the blood the amount of alcohol equivalent to 1.5 bottles of wine to humans. Then they have an appetite increased by 10-25% . When scientists chemically blocked cells that produce agouti-related peptide, the relationship between alcohol and appetite disappeared.

Also, the experiment was conducted on humans. It was attended by 35 women, they were divided into 2 groups. The first group was administered a small amount of ethanol, the second salt solution. Then allowed into the room where there were a large amount of food. It has been observed that women who were given ethyl alcohol, ate more than those who were injected with saline.

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