Scientists have found the main factor of aging

Photo: lejournal the Researchers found that a major factor in the aging

Biologists have identified a TZAP protein, which plays an important role in the aging process.

Researchers from the SCRIPPS Institute (USA) has established the main, they believe, a factor in cellular aging. According to scientists, the important role it plays in protein TZAP, reports EurekAlert!.

The full study was published in the scientific journal Science.

“This protein sets an upper limit on telomere length. This allows the cells to proliferate, but not too much,” said co-author Lazzerini Denchi.

Telomeres are the end segments of chromosomes that the cells of the body perform a protective function. The older the person becomes, the more they reduced. To Mature age, they, on average, become shorter by half. And to the elderly – four times .

As the researchers found, slowing down the degradation of telomeres is associated with slowing the aging process and increase life expectancy.

Previously, scientists have identified foods that slow down aging.

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