Scientists have made another sensational statement about the aggressive planet X

According to most researchers, an unidentified planet X was formed in another system, and then migrated into the Solar system. In January of the previous year scientists have excited the scientific world with the statement about the existence of a ninth planet in the Universe. We are talking about the object whose mass exceeds the mass of the Earth is about ten times. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

The researchers tested
previously put forward the hypothesis that the planet X was born in a different system.
Experts calculated the 156 different variants of the meeting of the Sun and the object,
which will be comparable to the size of Neptune or Jupiter. Scientists have many times changed
the speed and trajectory of the planet traveler .

As it was established,
only 40% of the speed of the future ninth planet was
low enough that the attraction of the Sun “slowed down” her
turned in one of its satellites.

Earlier, us astronomers said about the trajectory of the dangerous planet X.

A potential ninth
planet revolves around the Sun in an elongated path (in inclined
relative to the Earth’s orbit plane) with a period of 15 thousand years.

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