Scientists have named a key factor in longevity

Scientists have found the main condition for a long life

To a greater extent life expectancy depends on the environment.

An international team of geneticists established that the duration of human life in a greater measure depends on environment rather than genes. Scientists have found out, finding out how changes with age epigenetic regulation of the genome of the twins, reports bioRxiv.

It is reported that DNA methylation is one of the factors of human aging, in which there is modification of the DNA molecule without changing the nucleotide sequence.

This, in turn, allows to attribute this process to epigenetic regulation.

Specialists have found that with age, the methylation pattern of the genome changes. Previously, it was assumed that the picture depends on genes, but scientists have proven that the greatest impact the environment .

To prove this, the researchers were able after bringing to the study of 385 people, whose average age was 69 years.

The scientists also stressed that life expectancy can be greatly increased, if to eat healthy food and exercise.


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