Scientists have named a new reason for long life

Photo: Social network Scientists have established a link between a large family and a long life

Long life is helped by the large families and strong social ties.

Researchers at Exeter University have found a new reason for allowing the primates to live longer. As it turned out, able to extend the life of large families and strong social ties, reports Phys.org.

In this study, the experts spent 21 years examining thousands of rhesus monkeys in Puerto Rico.

As established scientists, each family member decreased the probability of an animal dying in the next year of about 2.3 per cent. However, this connection is not affected elderly females.

Against them failed to establish that macaques-rhesus in the developer reveal selectivity in social relations, and this, in turn, reduces their number .

This study, according to scientists, will help to establish, as in ancient times, people co-existed and how the communicate with each other affecting their quality of life.


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