Scientists have predicted the emergence of the mainland of Amasya and the disappearance of the Arctic ocean

As noted by the researchers, after 250 million years the earth will take another look. To such conclusion scientists came after the study of the magnetic field of our planet. In the above-mentioned period, all the continents will merge into one entity, which will be called Amasya connection of America and Asia. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

This may disappear
The Arctic ocean and the Caribbean sea. These water spaces will clamp new
mainland education. Scientists say that such modifications to our
the planet will cause a changing magnetic field.

At the moment
the scientific world there is a theory that the Earth consisted of one continent
Pangaea. Over time the movement of tectonic plates break
seven independent parts.

Previously, scientists predicted the connecting Siberia and North America.

As you know, in the period
Of 0.7-1 .9 billion years ago North America and Siberia were represented
supercontinent, the area of which exceeds 25 million square kilometers.
About 600 million years ago the Siberian platform is separated from North
America, between them revealed the Paleoasian ocean, that is started
geological processes that led to the current position of the continents on

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