Scientists have shown in the video, as mice can make bloodthirsty zombies

Us neuroscientists were able as a result of experiments to identify the mice brain region that is responsible for hunting instincts. Using the technique of optogenetics, scientists can turn the test into a bloodthirsty predator. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

As it was established,
the desire to kill is driven by two sets of neurons in the brain: the first
responsible for the pursuit of prey, while the second controls the muscles of the neck and jaws. So
aggressive neurons in the amygdala, which plays a key
role during the formation of fear and aggression.

Scientists have installed
head of mice lasers. As long as they are turned off, the animals behave
absolutely peacefully. When enabled, the mouse begins to attack all that is on
her way. It was found that stalking and biting the victims — individual
processes .

It was noted earlier that mankind one day will destroy the zombie virus.

the above virus can manifest itself in the transformation of aggressive and
being unreasonable, which will lead only to hunger.

According to experts,
even one infected person in a fairly populated area is able to have the
twentieth day cause large-scale epidemics.

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