Scientists: remote work causes a catastrophic injury

Scientists from the International labour organization came to the conclusion that remote work is not as good as previously thought. In particular, this type of work leads to depression and insomnia.

To reach this conclusion, researchers conducted an experiment
inviting volunteers. They were divided into three groups. The first group worked
in the house, the second combined labor at home and in the office, and the third worked
remotely from different locations, according to “Russian conversation”.

In the end it turned out that the most effective is
periodic remote work. However, it has its disadvantages: it’s a risk
to remain without wages, and serious health problems, such as disorder
sleep and depression.

The results of the experiment 42% of the subjects began to feel
problems with sleep and 41% – stress. In total, researchers interviewed working
people from 15 countries, including 10 EU member States .

In addition to the harm that remote work can have a negative
impact on personal life, warned the experts. If office work parts
work and personal life, the remote this feature is not in

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