Scientists: Titan has signs of life

Scientists: Titan has signs of life

Thu, 16 Feb 2017


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On the surface of a moon of Saturn have found the sea and ponds, the bottom of which there may be bacteria and other simple creatures.

American experts said that Saturn’s moon may be equivalent to the Earth in ancient times. On the surface of Titan has a water shell and living organisms. According to scientists, such satellite in our Solar system .

Despite this, the details of the formation of Titanium experts will be able to figure out only to 2029. Then the scientists sent to Titan, the TSSM module developed by the research staff of NASA and EKA.

In future it will be possible to learn about the existence of living organisms on other planets and celestial bodies of the Solar system.

Scientists believe that Titan in its formation may be analogous to the Earth in ancient times, but the arrival of this celestial body is impossible because the temperature and the content of substances in the atmosphere uninhabitable.

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