“Sea breeze”: Poroshenko said that Ukrainians will teach foreign military

Petro Poroshenko to visit in Odessa



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Ukraine news:Exercises “sea breeze-2017” allow the military of the participating countries to share their combat experience gained in various parts of the world.

International naval exercises “sea breeze-2017” (“Sea Breeze-2017”) is useful for both the Ukrainian military and for the participating representatives of the armies of the countries-members of NATO, which the Ukrainian side to share the experience of confronting hybrid warfare, emphasizes the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

“At the same time, I want to emphasize that these multinational exercises are effective not only for increase of level of preparation of our armed forces. They are also important for foreign participants, which would enable them to learn from us the unique experience of fighting the enemy in a hybrid war waged against the Ukrainian people in the Russian Federation”, – said P . Poroshenko on Board the flagship of the naval forces of Ukraine frigate “Hetman Sahaidachny” in the course of his working trip to Odesa region and familiarization with the international Maritime exercise.

The President stressed that many of the participating in the exercises of Ukrainian soldiers have real combat experience in confronting Russian aggression and share it with foreign counterparts.

“That the officers, soldiers and sailors defending not only their land, but, I emphasize, and the peaceful life of the peoples of Europe, the current international security system that is trying to destroy Russia”, – he added.

The Ukrainian head of state thanked the participants for what they share acquired in different parts of the world combat experience and systematic training to the Ukrainian military.

In addition, Poroshenko stressed that “sea breeze” contribute to the achievement of the Ukrainian Navy’s interoperability with the navies of countries-members of NATO, which is the condition for the scheduled Ukraine’s membership in NATO.

In this regard, the President noted that the criteria for membership in NATO and membership criteria of the European Union coincide on 98%.

“Our intention to return to the agenda the question of membership action plan with NATO and approach of our defence and security to the standards of the Alliance has witnessed numerous public opinion polls. Powerful support for this position … shows that the chosen course is correct and uncontested,” – said P. Poroshenko.

As reported, the doctrines “XI Briz – 2017” started in Odessa on 10 July and will end in September of this year. The exercises will be held in the Odessa and Nikolaev areas, and also in the northwestern part of the Black sea.

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In total, the exercise involved more than 30 ships, boats and vessels provide, more than 25 aircraft and helicopters, as well as members from 16 countries, including Ukraine, with a total of more than 3 thousand people. At the same time with the Ukrainian side in the events of “sea Breeze”, except for the Military-naval forces of Armed forces of Ukraine, will be attended by units of the National guard, State border service, Land and Air forces of Ukraine.

“Sea breeze” has been held since 1997 every year in accordance with the “Memorandum of understanding and cooperation on defense and military relations between the Ministry of defense and Ministry of defense of Ukraine” of 1993. They are held with the aim of training and increasing combat readiness of Voyenno-naval forces of Armed forces of Ukraine on a bilateral basis, but are open to other countries.

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