Security forces, interior Ministry, came to the scene of the blockade in the Donbass, took the firing lines: “headquarters” of the radicals in a panic and threatens “revenge” for the blood

In the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, in the Donetsk region, special forces are preparing for the storming of the redoubt “Zaporozhye”, playing one of the important parts of the Donbas blockade.

According to “Russian conversation”, referring to the edition “Диалог.UA” corresponding to the data declared by the radicals responsible for blocking the supply of coal from the DNR and LC.

According to them, the security forces are already occupied fighting positions, and the redoubt all are preparing for defense.

The “headquarters” of the blockade began to openly threaten employees of the Ukrainian interior Ministry, dubbed as crimes the actions of management agencies. Radicals expressed a desire to take revenge on the security forces over what their comrades shed blood during the attack .

It should be noted that Ukrainian society is not so rosy and Patriotic refers to the initiators of the blockade in view of the destructiveness and rashness of their actions. The actions of the radicals can be a serious blow to the state economy.

Previously, “Russian Dialogue,” says the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has warned about the devastating effects of the embargo, noting the potential loss of two billion dollars. The state leader predicts shortages of supply of heat to homes in many cities of the country.

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