Sergey Shnurov: “Alcoholics, discussing geopolitics, extinct”

The leader of the “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the group arrived from St. Petersburg to Moscow and told us about the greed, “nastasescu” Olga Buzova and the border between creativity and art in the application of new soloists Florida and Vasilisa.

“Nikita” burst onto the big stage from the underground and, despite the rowdy songs and the abundance of profanity in them, became a full member of the showbiz clan. To treat the situation with the group today can be different: someone is dancing “Exhibit”, Shnurova singing about louboutins, someone’s watching actors with skepticism (like “Leningrad” is not the same and has been creating products of conjunctural, not the art). Anyway, the group gathers stadiums, it is closely watched by both audience and colleagues — the caravan goes .

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

– Sergey, what today’s “Leningrad” is different from the one that appeared on the scene many years ago?

– If to speak directly about the band and creative tools, the method does not change. As we were rabid domestic postmodernists, so they stayed. Changed the texture, what we’re doing, acquired new meanings. First of all, the country has changed, and it was impossible not to pay attention to it. Changed social landscape. In St. Petersburg at the corner store on St. Petersburg’s Apraksin of the lane is not going to flock alcoholics, discussing geopolitics. This kind of died, so we switched their attention to other large social conglomeration.

– One time about the “Leningrad” was said to have occupied a niche “Sector of gas”. This is the truth?

– I never listened to “the Gaza strip”. I think this niche to occupy is no longer possible — again, time has changed a lot too. The collective of punk anymore. Where are these farms? Where are the punks?

– You have already talked about why a few times to disperse the group. Why are you again?

Always for different reasons. But I’m not shy to speak and literally write on the posters: “Again live for a profit”. Group I has been reincarnated for commercial reasons. And hardly anyone could honestly answer this question. You know, art is always commercial. A short burst of the so-called non-commercial art only happened during the life of the writer Emile Zola, through which appeared the image of the artist as a man in a knitted scarf, which is suffering from hunger, cold and surrounded by some of the fallen women.

– When you write another song, you also always think about money?

– Exactly the same as the CEO of a major automobile plant, which produces the next machine model. If something is not sold, then it is simply unnecessary. So with all the. And music including.

– Still, in addition to thoughts on what the bite if in your songs people, you invest in them any ideas?

– To bite or not to bite people — it’s the same idea, no need to understate it. If the artist has only one goal, I have a question, and the artist if he did. I always put a few goals, and they are always different. Established with the help of my objects — whether songs, video clips, artwork — I’m trying to solve some complex and ambiguous tasks. And the questions that I ask myself, there is no simple answer. If I start to explain that what I create, then narrow the field of interpretation of the listener, the viewer. I will never do that.

– Once you said in an interview that pop art is more difficult to do than elitist. Why?

– Or shall I say underground, not elitist. To find the interaction and cause response from a wide audience is difficult. Understand how to work with the so-called Bohemians. These techniques are quite simple, not tricky, and many continue to exist in this small social sphere, afraid to go beyond it. The big outside world because, as a rule, does not understand or accept what is done for Bohemia. It is much harder to try to find a connection between her and this world, between abusive Russia and Russia that considers itself elite, to break the pattern and to neutralize their opposition.

– Today to win the public’s attention, not necessarily have to be a talented artist. For example, the scandalous telegenova Olga Buzova can take the microphone, start singing, or even just to say absurd things, but it will listen to, and the rating of the person will increase dramatically. How do you feel about these trends?

– I had a great concern to them. If it were not, for example, such historical figures as herostrat, you could say that these trends, when a person attracts attention and remembered people at the expense of some eccentric actions, not having the talent, is something new. No, this is the usual case, already a standard technique used many centuries ago.

The methodology of getting into the story can be quite different. The process of democratization, which many confused with permissiveness, is everywhere. Is that the same Buzova takes the microphone, begins to sing and broadcast, I see some truth and “authenticity”. Happens desacralization of cultural space. I just with both hands. It is not necessary to treat of stage action as a ritual, and artists is not Holy, it is the ordinary people. Such as Olga Buzova.

You know, since perestroika began to take to perceive the image of a man on stage, especially the man with the guitar guru. This is especially always cultivated Boris Grebenshikov. When people refer to the artist, but still come to him, for example, for advice – it’s all rubbish. He knows no more than you.

– Your new soloist — Florida and Vasilisa — even managed to split between two prize “singer of the year” in the “Chart dozen”. They bring something to the group? Not trying to offer you their song, for example?

– No. You know, I’m against creativity. If someone wants to create, for this invented instagram. We make art, is still another.

– Why, in your opinion, women today have captured the scene? And why you should concentrate on creating their images on stage and in music videos?

– I guess I’m observant and have a lot of thinking now on this topic. As I see it, the image of women in recent time has changed a lot. Her power, her contribution to the creation of the world in which we exist today is huge. The woman is the engine of the economy, the engine of discussion. Yes, in fact, always been so. If I didn’t want to like them, I’d have never picked up a guitar.

– You say that observant. Located in the center of your attention?

– I observe everything. I signed on the pages of many people in instagram, even the same Buzova and Volochkova. I watch you tongue swept the idea for this illogic. I love it all. I think it’s a phenomenally curious. It’s like elementary particles, which is interesting to explore.

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