“She’s trying to be like Anastasia Kostenko”, – surprised fans with a new image of Olga Buzova

Fans of Olga Buzova noticed that the presenter, more like a new lover Tarasova Anastasia Kostenko.

After the divorce with Dmitry Tarasov Olga Buzova radically changed her image and repainted in a brunette. The TV presenter experienced a new emotional shock: at the party in honor of the birthday of Dmitry Tarasov appeared together with a new lover Anastasia Kostenko. Celebrity was not easy to relive the news, according to “Russian conversation”.

Today Buzova again radically changed her image. The young singer has built up a long dark brown hair color. Also star bright makeup to accentuate her eyes.

Fans ambiguous reacted to changes in image Olga. Some thought that the star is trying to be like a new passion Tarasov.

“Left to make a plastic surgery, and you’ll be like a new passion Tarasova”, “With a haircut similar to Kostenko . Why did you do that?”, “Someone wants to be like one us famous person”, “I Think she’s trying to be like Anastasia Kostenko. The type that it is not worse it” – spoke at the discussion.

However, there were those who new image Buzova liked.

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