Shivering against fat

Vibration from head to toe to help slow the obesity and developing diabetes.

Trying to get rid of excess weight, many of us spend a lot of time and effort to treadmills and other fitness. However, experiments show Meghan McGee-Lawrence (Meghan McGee-Lawrence) and her colleagues from the University of Augusta, the same effect can be achieved if just povarirovat whole body.

Trembling of the whole body helps to lose weight. (Photo: bogdan.hoda / Depositphotos.com.)

In fact, there are trainers with vibration function and many claim that the shaking helps them in training. The vibrations make the muscles work harder, and one would assume that by themselves they act the same as regular “real” exercise.

To find out if it does, the researchers staged a shake-up of several experimental mice with a genetic predisposition to obesity and diabetes: the floor in the cage they gently shaking every day for twenty minutes . In other mice with obesity in the cage stood a Jogging track where they were forced to run for forty-five minutes every day; finally, animals from the third group, neither jolts, nor the treadmill are not tortured.

Since mice, as has been said, were predisposed to obesity, they gradually gained weight. However, over the twelve weeks of the experiment, those who were running and which were shaking, a little less fat compared to those who have no such physical activity was not. And the most interesting, as the authors work in the journal Endocrinology, the effect of vibration was the same as from running. In animals from both groups were healthier metabolism – in the sense that the level of insulin they were not too high, and tissues and organs relatively normally respond to the hormone (recall that high level of insulin and loss of sensitivity to it – the main symptoms of type II diabetes). Finally, the “vibrating” and “running” mice in the liver accumulated significantly less fat than those who were given the opportunity to be lazy all the time (but the fat that accumulates in obesity in the liver, maybe just bring it down).

That exercise will help normalize metabolism and help you lose weight, it is not surprising. Strangely other – the same can be achieved regularly and trembling. However, there was one thing in which vibration had the same action that and exercise as the skeleton of the “vibrating” of mice did not improve, their bones are not strengthened. However, the animals still had increased levels of the hormone osteocalcin, which indicates active bone growth – it is possible that if the experiment lasted longer then these mice would be the strengthening of the skeleton.

However, those who are already going to order a vibrating couch instead of the gym membership, the authors warn that regular exercise is also needed for normal breathing and the cardiovascular system, and the vibration is there to count.

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