Shows footage of the consequences of daring the Israeli air force strike on military targets in Syria

The Network published the footage of the strikes, the Israeli air force on Syria, where is the Syrian air force. In an airstrike destroyed an ammunition depot.

according to “Russian conversation” with a link
“Диалог.UA” Israeli
the aircraft made a RAID on the airfield
The mezze. According to preliminary data, was
destroyed ammunition depot. Yet
it is unknown how many Syrian soldiers died as a result
airstrike. At the same time representatives
the government army count
that the losses are small, since
during the air strikes next to the warehouse
there was not much military.

an airstrike by the Israeli air force confirmed
CAP government Agency SANA.

Previously, “Russian Dialogue” reported that the aircraft
Israel attacked Syrian
government objects. Official
Damascus has criticized
such actions of Jerusalem, promising to respond to aggression . On
the moment there is no information about
the number of injured and dead, but
it is known that immediately after the air strike to
the scene went

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