Shvydkoi came up to Pauls unusual gift

About Pauls hand she writes: it’s not just “Million scarlet roses”, but it is a modest, honest and deep lifelong musicianship breed, because it was held at first (and this “at first” a third of a lifetime) as a serious pianist, he the flesh of “married” on his instrument, the violin in the violin, the flute player the flute, and later was a conductor in the Orchestra of Latvian radio… It’s Pauls externally, all on stage, in the spotlight, serpentine and confetti, but in real life — one in his Riga apartment for the black piano. Focused. Quiet. Limitless. And based on the timeless musical Foundation. And so I want to see him in Moscow…

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And that’s just about Moscow, your idea shared with us Mikhail Shvydkoi: I’d like to make an unusual evening with Raymond in the musical Theatre . After all, theatre Pauls of the native people soon starting block performances “Cinderella”, the musical themes, which he wrote (which I even witnessed coming to Pauls in Riga).

So, the composer today (12 January) was 82…

— Yes, and for the past year, Pauls was happy, — says Mikhail Shvydkoi, he wrote one of the most remarkable in recent years, the song cycles, and this cycle formed the basis of the performance of the Riga Russian drama theatre “the Girl in the cafe”. This songs on poems by great and very deceased poetess Austri, Scaini (1909-1932), who lived a short but very bright life and now has found new fame in Latvian culture.

— Would be nice to see the show…

So I think about how the Moscow audience saw “the Girl in the cafe”, the more that Raymond voldemarovich all evening he sits on the stage behind the Grand piano, musically accompanied, and his presence gives — as always — a special significance… In this sense Pauls — the great deceiver. When I first heard his performance of the music for our musical “Cinderella” (January 18, getting to play on Pushkin square), I immediately began to hum these melodies, though they were heard, it would seem, only that… as happens with all works of Raymond.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe
With Alla Pugacheva.

— And he played you in the apartment on the piano?

— Yes, in Riga, only at the piano, but seemed to hear a whole orchestra. Why? Because he is a brilliant pianist and graduated from the Conservatory in his time not only for composition, but above all on piano. And that’s the Union of the composer and virtuoso pianist makes it a unique phenomenon in our post-Soviet culture. We all know that it is appreciated not only in the former USSR, but all over the world: one of the favorite songs of the Japanese is “one Million scarlet roses”, they sing it everywhere. And wherever you went, always playing some kind of melody Pauls. And this is an important sign: Raymond at 82 has retained a remarkable creative freshness. And my dream to come to us, breaking his own… a wise desire to focus on domestic Affairs.

— Let the world persuade him…

— I really want to see on a scene of Theatre of the musical we would, first, showed the play “the Girl in the cafe” with him and then asked him to play for the audience at least half an hour. And the artists of Russian theatre of Riga would play in his play, and then, together with our artists, just sang different songs Raymond… I Really hope this project will be carried out. It will be for him and us all a great gift.

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