Soldiers of the battalion “Tornado” can be lukianivka facility

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Obolonskiy district court of Kiev allowed was transferred 11 prisoners soldiers of the battalion “Tornado” lukianivka facility to other institutions for the detention. This was stated by people’s Deputy Ihor Mosiychuk was admitted to “the Ukrainian truth”, also posting a copy of the judgment of 12 on Facebook.

According to Mosiychuk, the court issued a decision in the absence of a meeting of the “tornadovtsev”.

“The adoption of this decision contradicts the criminal procedure code. At the meeting, was not present at any “tornadovtsa” nor their defenders. It is 100%. I spoke with the defenders. The second point is the basis for the decision was the statement about the attack on the staff of Lukyanovka jail. I have a question: who exactly is stated about the attack? After all, the Ministry of justice, which governs the detention center, said bluntly that there was no attack. Who is lying?”, – said Mosiychuk .

Where can transported prisoners and whether they will stay together, is still unknown.

Resolution Obolonskyi court escorted the prisoners soldiers of the battalion “Tornado”.
Facebook Igor Mosiychuk

The lawyer “tornadovtsev” Vladimir Yakimov asserts that his clients do not want to change Lukyanivka prison. The conflict, according to him, was only a few members of the institution.

“Jail is not a hotel. Don’t know where they’ll take, what sort of conditions. Can assign Chernigov or White Church. You imagine how their winter will bring to the courts. As lawyers go to them?!”, – said Yakimov.

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Recall that on the evening of 11 January in Lukyanovka jail former fighters of “Tornado” attacked the guards. The Metropolitan police said one of the men of the disbanded company “Tornado” was wounded. Now under investigation to determine, whether he hurt himself, or hurt him.

Sister soldier “tornadovtsa” that are also in Lukyanovka jail, demanded the protection that he was granted emergency medical assistance. According to the head of the Kiev police Andriy kryschenko, the result was arranged in short the rebellion, however, he said that such attacks on security Lukyanovka jail was not.

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MP Igor Mosiychuk said that in prison, the fighter with a call sign Achilles cut off his ear. He argues that the prison officials did not provide him with help because he was afraid the sight of blood and hid in the Armory.

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