Soon Facebook will read a person’s thoughts and control his mind

The development of modern technologies pushes the individual to learn new information. In the last few decades there is a tendency, as humanity more and more time in social networks. So, on belief of experts, new technologies create preconditions for effective and given to social engineering and control the masses. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Many researchers
ensure that innovation has helped to determine when a person
gets hungry, or to predict when will the next stock drop
of the stock market. In these areas the most effective is the social network Facebook.

Despite what you need
to conduct a lot of research and work, the technology is advanced enough

Earlier in the academic world has created the Baxter robot that can read a person’s thoughts .

Specifically, the robot Baxter
able to perceive electrical brain potentials that occur when
committing erroneous actions (error-related potentials — ErrPs). Now
while he is able to perceive only a binary situation, but the researchers
consider the possible extension of its capabilities.

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