Sophia Loren has lit under Matsuev and Kinski were very embarrassed with the tights

On Saturday in Moscow there took place a ceremony of awarding the new international professional music award, in which case the capital brought global stars of the first magnitude — from Dolph Lundgren to Nastassja Kinski. Despite his status and the fact that the event took place at the Bolshoi theatre, many stars were dressed obviously not according to the dress code, and those who were lost on the wind, the spring hair and items of clothing.

photo: Gennady Avramenko

Sophia Loren presented the award to Vladimir Spivakov, and sat in the one bed next to another legend Yuri Grigorovich. In his 82 years, she looked gorgeous in extravagant dress, embroidered with a huge number of sequins, it sparkled and shone more than all the chandeliers illuminating the hall of the Historical stage .

On the way to the theater, I noticed “MK”, almost, there was confusion: the fans were waiting for her on the street, bumped into the actress and singer, so she had to walk fast and in combination with a fairly strong wind, it gave an unexpected effect, Lauren was nearly blown off the lush, laid in an elegant hairstyle wig. Fans, however, is not confused, and it, too: with a deft movement of hands it has to go back hair into place and continued the race as if nothing had happened. Inside the theater, it was guarded by the strongest of all and even the toilet were led under escort, this time to go into it other ladies recommended.

My neighbor in our first row was Peter Freudenthaler, the lead singer of Fools Garden. But he was very interested in other neighbors.

— Oh, two seats from us sitting Nastassja Kinski, and behind Dolph Lundgren? That’s a party!

However, in fairness, we note that most of the whole programs like 12-year-old Prodigy Olga Ivanenko. Listening to her virtuosic piano playing, Peter ten minutes even forgot about Nastasia, which he furtively smiled sweetly. But Sophia Loren most of all struck by the pianist’s older. Italian, heard Matsuev, jumped up from the chair and began to dance right in the box.

Meanwhile, Nastassja Kinski was not up to dancing: she had torn the red speckled tights. The confusion would not have been visible, not whether her dress color adzhika neckline to mid-thigh. But it’s more that she has at least the neckline was at least noticeable, but within are decent, but the singers Ashanti Breasts were not covered at all, like some other rounded body parts, Nicole Slesinger, ex-soloist Pussy Cat Dolls, not enough fabric on the left shoulder. But sitting in the hall by the Minister Medinsky, judging by how pretty he looked to the ladies, nothing wrong with their patches instead of dresses saw.

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