South Korea has created a “glue” for wound healing without scars



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The basis for the glue was the substance with which mussels attach themselves to rocks.

When skin injuries, even minor such as cuts and scrapes, connective tissue forms scars. They consist mainly of collagen, a fibrous protein that provides strength and elasticity of healthy skin. In the tissue scars the structure of the collagen fibres differs from “drawing” fibers intact skin, so the scar tissue is less functional. It can not fully stretch, and also more sensitive to ultraviolet radiation and increasing the risk of burns.

Scientists are working on technologies of healing the wounds which will help prevent scarring. Typically, this use of adhesives that form a film on the surface of the wound. Another technology — the use of the protein decorin, which is part of the connective tissue. Decorin helps to organize collagen fibers. The lack of decorin is a complex structure and relatively high cost .

Researchers from Pojarskogo University of science and technology in South Korea have developed a new type of glue for healing wounds, using the ability of some proteins to bind collagen these proteins include decorin. The scientists examined byssus, durable protein filaments by which mussels and other bivalves attached to rocks, forming a colony. Based on these protein threads have created a new material containing dermatan sulfate. This compound belongs to the glycosaminoglycan (polysaccharides that are associated with complex proteins by proteoglycans). Expensive decorin of proteoglycans, and with him is associated in the body dermatan sulfate, which is also capable of stabilizing the collagen fibers. The new composition helps to restore the structure of the fibers, similar to the structure of collagen in healthy skin.

The glue is tested on animals. Scientists were able to achieve almost complete healing of deep wounds in rats over 28 days. Animals from the control group, there was a noticeable scars.

At the top of the wound healing without glue down using glue

In order for the adhesive to be used in medical practice, the composition needs to undergo a long series of tests. The skin of rats differs significantly from the human, so it is unknown if the people of such a way of healing wounds. In the following experiments, the scientists intend to use pigs, the skin of these animals on structure is more similar to human.

Previously, scientists have created a method that prevents the appearance of hypertrophic scars. These injuries often occur with burns.

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