SpaceX called space on Mars, where they can take their ship

Unmanned spacecraft Red Dragon

Mon, 20 March 2017


Photo: naked-science.ru

Professionals named places on Mars where you will be able to land the spacecraft Red Dragon that needs to go on your trip in 2020.

The experts created by entrepreneur Elon Musk space Corporation SpaceX, together with their colleagues from NASA determined the place where you will be able to land the spacecraft, created in the framework of the concept of the Red Dragon. According to scientists, the best “platform” for landing is Deuteronilus Mensae, Phlegra Montes Utopia Planitia and Arcadia Planitia. Each of these areas can be considered in detail, if you use Google Mars.

It should be noted that they all share location: site is located in the Northern hemisphere of Mars near the equator. Thus, it will provide better access to sunlight. And besides, there you can find water ice of interest to scientists and could theoretically serve to ensure the viability of future colonies .

Created for the mission of Red Dragon spacecraft is a modification of the manned Dragon V2, the basis for which in turn, served as the SpaceX Dragon cargo. The latter is already exploited: today is the world’s only cargo spacecraft that can return to Earth.

The beginning of Red Dragon mission scheduled for 2020. As of the launch vehicle use developed by the company SpaceX, the Falcon Heavy. The ship is not only will land on Mars and will gather samples of subsurface Martian soil and then delivering them to the Earth. Obtained during the mission experience will be very useful for the organization of future manned expeditions to the Red planet.

Recall that Mars is associated with the most ambitious of ideas Elon musk – Interplanetary Transport System, introduced in September 2016. The businessman proposed to create a huge space ship, which at once will be able to deliver on Mars to 100 colonists.

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