Sputnik: Hungary has decided to dissociate itself from refugees military base

Hungary opened a military base near the border with Serbia, in order to reduce the flow of illegal refugees, as stated on Monday the Minister of defense of Hungary Istvan Simecka.

As stated on Monday
the Minister of defense of Hungary Istvan Simecka, Hungary opened a military base in
Hercegszanto, near the border with Serbia, to prevent the penetration of illegal
migrants through the soldiers ‘ patrols.

“Soldiers will do anything to
to prevent the entry of hundreds of thousands of people to the territory
the country, as it was in 2015,” said Simecka.

Complex Hercegszanto
located approximately 220 kilometers South of Budapest, and it is stationed about
150 soldiers.

Hungary repeatedly
in opposing the European Union’s immigration, in particular
regarding the quota system for refugees, which envisages the redeployment of
160 000 persons, asylum-seekers, through the unit for two years . According to
Prime Minister Viktor Orban, immigration is one of the main
threats to the status quo.

In 2015, Hungary built
the first border fence to prevent illegal crossings. In the end
Feb Budapest announced the construction of a second fence on the border with Serbia.

Recently, the world was stunned to learn how much refugees have fled conflict-affected Mosul. By the way, Hungary is confident that the anti-Russian sanctions is long overdue to sink into oblivion.

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