St. Petersburg authorities are concerned about the plans of the Ministry of transport to close the city river to the confederations Cup

ST. PETERSBURG, April 21. /TASS/. The Governor of St. Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko has expressed concern over plans of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation on the closure of rivers in St. Petersburg at the time of the matches of the confederations Cup. About this he wrote in a letter to transport Minister Maxim Sokolov, told TASS press Secretary of the Governor Andrey Kibito.

“The Governor expresses extreme concern over the appearance of the document in this edition, as it jeopardizes the beginning of the tourist season in St. Petersburg, can seriously restrict the rights of ship owners and to bring large-scale losses of port business,” said Kibito .

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According to him, in a letter sent in the name of Sokolov, in particular, it is noted that the project of the Ministry of transport restricted to navigation related the whole of the Large and Passenger ports of St. Petersburg, as well as parts of waterways within the city limits. Moreover, sightseeing boat tours are an integral part of the tourism industry of the city, and their abolition will bring reputational damage and losses to travel agencies. Social tension may cause a ban on the activities of yacht clubs and vazomotornah clubs that were in the area restrictions. And at issue is the water part of the city’s main festival of graduates “Scarlet sails” on June 23, which is known as one of the international event brands.

“In this regard, the Governor requests to reduce time constraints and to indicate specific dates, times and areas to prohibit the navigation of vessels, and not the entire area of the ports and areas of internal waters,” said Kibito.

The proposal of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation

Earlier, the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation published on the official website of the draft regulations the text of the draft “On establishing forbidden for swimming areas in the waters within which introduces increased security measures, the rules for such areas, as well as cases in which the constraints imposed do not apply”. We are talking about the restriction of movement of small size vessels, that is, water vehicles no longer than 20 metres, on Board which can be no more than 12-18 people, and also the sports sailing vessels.

The project of the Ministry of transport involves the closure of part of the water area of the Neva river in the district is Large and the Passenger port of St. Petersburg for Parking and movement of such vessels from 1 June to 4 July 2017. In the administration of St. Petersburg port of TASS explained that under the water area of the seaports of Big port St. Petersburg and Passenger port refers to the territory at the confluence of the Neva to the Gulf of Finland, bounded by the lower edge of the Annunciation of the bridge and the bottom edge of Tuchkov bridge.

The St. Petersburg Committee on transport reported that its experts will study the project and prepare proposals to him, including in terms of reducing the terms on which the restrictions are imposed, and a more precise definition of specific exclusion zones. The Committee also plans to work with shipping companies options for changing routes of water transport to minimise inconvenience to the citizens and guests of the city.

Small rivers for tourists

The Association of owners of small vessels of St. Petersburg noted that in the case of closing part of the tourists will be able to see the city from the water during the “white nights” St. Petersburg peak tourist season, which falls under project constraints. In particular, it trips on small rivers and canals of the Northern capital without going to the Great Neva. Thus, tourists will not be able to see from the water the most famous St. Petersburg bridges.

According to the Committee for tourism development of St. Petersburg annually on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg during the summer season runs approximately 280 vessels 66 companies, from may to October, their services are used by around 1.5 million tourists officially, and, as suggested by the city authorities, and about half a million people use these services informally.

Game for FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 will be held in Russia from 17 June to 2 July, the matches will be held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and Kazan.

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