Stoltenberg played in “Walker, Texas Ranger”: the state Duma have solved the idea of NATO sending an Armada of ships in the Black sea

The NATO leadership wants a more thorough financial supply from the United States, as evidenced by the initiative of the Alliance to strengthen its military presence in the waters of the Black sea.

According to “Russian conversation”, a point of view voiced by the Deputy of the State Duma from the Crimean Peninsula Ruslan Balbec.

According to him, the army group of NATO ships will “stagger” in the Black sea for the mind, and then will report on this in the White house.

“I am confident that the threat of NATO will be fully implemented: will drive the grouping of ships, pechatayutsya in the waters away from Russia and will report to Washington that the military tasks performed – Russian scared,” said Balbec.

The MP believes that the head of the military structure Jens Stoltenberg’t have to pretend to be “cool Walker”, and to initiate a meaningful dialogue with the Kremlin .

The black sea basin is an international water area, so this region is generally not acceptable any “push backs”.

Previously, “Russian conversation” says that the Russian authorities are predicting the imminent appearance of the group of NATO ships have almost the shores of the Crimean Peninsula. It is expected that Russia may face with a lot of provocations after the transfer of the warships in the Black sea.

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