Storm West of Mosul suddenly stopped: ISIS blew up the bridges connecting the 2 parts of the city

ISIL terrorists suddenly blew up bridges over the Tigris river. Now the Iraqi army, fighting to stop one of the bridges is devoid of hope for a quick storming of the city, which is still held by the Islamists.

According to “Russian conversation” in the center of Mosul left the bridges, through which the government troops were able to move quickly to the part of the city, still controlled by terrorists “Islamic state” (an extremist organization banned in Russia).

According to the command of the Iraqi armed forces, special forces advanced along with the Federal police repelled the terrorists one of the bridges over the Tigris river connecting the right Bank of the city with the left, which managed to break the Iraqi military. They control 70% of the city on the East coast.

Note that the assault on Mosul, which is called the DAIS as its last Bastion in Iraq, began on 17 October last year . Take part in it, except the government troops, militia, armed groups of Kurds. Air support to provide the Iraqi air force and coalition aircraft led by the United States

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