Svetlana Surganov: “I Deeply pacifist album” in a non-peaceful time

Just released the album “Surganova and Orchestra” with the telling title “word Life” — the story with fresh breath. While remaining recognizable, the band’s music here sounds fresh. Together with the depth and meaning it has air and lightness. Even choosing some songs from the past, Surganova together with his musicians were able to show them under a different, interesting angle. In an interview with the singer told about their main impetus, the sharp socio-psychological song “Girl-boy” and unusual sound experiments, carried out with the help of improvised means.

Photo: press service of the artist

– Svetlana, you called the new work an EP. Why? In my opinion, this is the full album and number of tracks, and in the fullness of….

To call this work in the full sense of the album too. There was only 6 new songs (5 songs and 1 instrumental), 5 and we are just reincarnated I can’t help doing that, reinterpreted, were rearranged and filed under other musical sauce . They were completely different to hear, has acquired a new meaning. We have all the time in the process of working on the sound continue to experiment with the Studio sound, and at this point, I think it’s the right sound job.

– Tell about the experiments in more detail?

Very interesting was the work. Some of the tracks were invented in “field conditions”. Now the technique and applications allow you actually to do Studio sound on the go — even in the cabin. Our musician and the author of many compositions Denis Susin thanks to these applications has created a sound which almost without changes was included in a Studio recording. In this work, we experimented on the vocal feed. The vocal sounds differently, more vividly and space. I think our listeners might recognize it and they’ll love it. A big role was played by mark Lighter. A terrific professional, amazingly thin, light, fast specialist. He was born very creative solutions and ideas for picking. Rustling the sleeves of the jacket, holding a bow across the guitar strings, staccato bow on the guitar soundboard, propekanie of the vocals in the deck of the guitar — it’s all his idea, we used it, which created interesting effects. It all creates a certain mood, unique magic, shamanism, mystery. We really failed in this sense, the remakes of the songs “Premonition” and “Save my shadow”, I would like to work in this ambient style. Was a great arranger additions from Mikhail teben’kova, lovely piano part and a harmonic solution from Nikita majevica, ideas and stunning guitar sound from David Sucina, driving guitar Valeria Tha, interesting rhythmic decisions from Sergei Sokolov. Wonderful, in my opinion, turned out collective work.

– “The other side” — only instrumental history. This is the first experience when you release the album instrumental thing without vocals, if I’m not mistaken?

– Not really, in the album “#Mirumir” also sounds Intro. In fact, each concert program we come up with its new Intro, the story so instrumental for us this is not the first experience. There are tracks where I’m at instrumental music read poetry: “Girl General”, “Flight 612”, the poem “Heart”. The guys in concert history very often make great improvisational music insertion: for example, when I handed the flowers or I communicate with the fans. Any pause in live performance they fill improvisations born on the stage compositions. They don’t actually happen again. You can’t call something unusual, we even planned to release a whole album of “instrumental”.

– What is the main impulse records?

They sing of life, its uniqueness in the planetary, cosmic and universal scale. It is a song about how sometimes we stop to appreciate and see. I want to save the world and life. This deeply pacifist album.

– What are the observations and experiences was born the song “boy-Girl”? It’s more a psychological or social history?

Is and psychological, and social history. The text belongs to the Petersburg poet Irina Fahrenbruch. The man wrote the text with absolute knowledge of the matter. Daughter Irina at some point of growing up began to dress and act in boy-style, and this mom was very worried. Irina seemed that the girl — at least in our country — with such data, this behavior will not be able to find understanding and response in society will be a social outcast. Therefore, there is such a text. I like this theme very clear, and I decided the song to support it. If moms write about their daughters these verses, it means that such problems exist in society. Our society really lacks more loyal attitude to “not like everyone else”. And I would like emotional and moral support to these girls, girls that are themselves not entirely comfortable in this society feel. We wanted to say in this song that everyone has the right to be himself — his appearance, thoughts, worldview, style of dress. We call this song to tolerance, loyalty and individualization of expression.

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