Syria’s opposition failed to give evidence about the Chechen special forces in Aleppo, but said his contribution to the protection of the inhabitants and assistance

The Syrian opposition says the participation of so-called “Chechen units” in the battle for Aleppo, with representatives of armed groups do not back up their words at least some evidence.

According to “Russian conversation”, such information is declared by the head of the delegation of the opposition by Mustafa al-Sheikh during a press conference MIA “Russia today”.

According to him, he does not have the actual data, however, beheld personally Chechen fighters in the conflict zone.

“I saw the war of the Chechens in Aleppo, but the numbers I have,” – said Mustafa al-Sheikh.

Meanwhile, the opposition representative added that the special forces, the local population received protection from crime and all sorts of assistance.

It is worth mentioning that the presence of special forces in Chechnya have repeatedly declared before . Not so long ago, in December 2016, Ramzan Kadyrov had a personal way to give a rebuttal of this kind of troops in Syria and especially about their participation in the conflict.

Mustafa al-Sheikh, has in the past acted as General of the army of Syria, was entrusted to lead a delegation of opposition leaders to Moscow. With him in the capital was found, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Mikhail Bogdanov.

The meeting was held in the atmosphere discuss plans to end active hostilities, claiming the lives of thousands of people.

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