Taruta called on the Garden to help end the blockade

People’s Deputy of Ukraine (faction) Sergey Taruta called on the mayor of Lviv and leader of the party “Samopomich” Andriy Sadovy to influence members of his party to cease the blockade of Donbass.

On Wednesday the TV channel “112 Ukraine” S. Taruta called for Andriy Sadovy to influence the initiators of the blockade of supplies of coal and iron ore in the unoccupied part of Ukraine, among which there are people’s deputies – members of the faction “Samopomich” in the Verkhovna Rada semen Semenchenko, Yegor Sobolev.

“The MPs who can’t show the real progress of their work begin to destabilize. I understand the position of the party and the faction “samopomich” by the actions of their colleagues,” – said S. Taruta.

The MP compared the effects of the blockade on Donbass the known problems of the city, which need immediate resolution .

“The scale of the consequences of the blockade, to make it clear for the Garden and for “Samopomich”, Lviv – it’s at least 100 of their garbage problem at the same time. Garbage problem in Lviv is relatively small compared to what is currently done in the Donbas representatives of “Samopomich”. I have previously supported the Garden in relation to the fact that the problem situation with the trash in Ukraine – is the problem of the state, and today the lions cannot solve it. But he should respond to the blockade and to say that his party for the stability in the country. Because all affected, including their constituents. If the exchange rate of hryvnia due to the economic problems caused by the blockade, will jump to 40 UAH./dollars., it will hit the pockets of both locals and all who voted for “Samopomich”, – said S. Taruta.

At the same time, the MP drew attention that from other parliamentary factions also has not made clear statements about their position regarding the blockade on Donbass.

“We do not see applications of fractions of the PPO and “popular front”. Like “Fatherland,” says block. This means that today the Parliament has not assessed the actions of the initiators of the blockade. What is the result? Remain without work and wages for hundreds of thousands of workers of Ukrainian enterprises, including companies-subcontractors. Already suffered Mariupol, where closed two blast furnaces. Dneprovsky iron and steel works stopped completely because there is from coke Alchevsk coke plant. Ukrzaliznytsia starts to reduce the volume of traffic”, – said S. Taruta.

The MP supported the decision to impose emergency in the energy sector, which was announced at an extraordinary government meeting on Wednesday.

“The fact that the government imposed a state of emergency in the energy sector is a positive step. I would like to hear the position of our President and the national security Council, which has not yet been stored by the problem of the blockade and its consequences, ” – concluded S. Taruta.

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