The acting head of the Perm region: the issue of subsidies needs to be changed

KRASNOYARSK, April 21. /TASS/. The acting Governor of the Perm edge Maxim Reshetnikov spoke Friday for the simplification procedures for subsidies and the transition to a three-year term of their development during the session “New regional policy” of the Krasnoyarsk economic forum.

“If you follow all instructions on the preparation and development subsidies, the time in their development we actually do. Now this system is very theoretical, very cumbersome and time consuming. We have one three-year grants and the maximum relief of all procedures,” – said Reshetnikov.

According to him, today subsidized funds reach the contractors in the best case by July. “Given the fact that the construction season ends in September, to master them once already”, he said.

The acting head said that after signing the agreement on the granting of subsidies the money should be transferred to municipalities, which takes about one and a half months . Under the new budget code municipalities may not hold contests until I get the funds.

Reshetnikov also supported the idea of increasing subsidies. “We have grants for 7 million roubles. If you count all transaction costs associated with obtaining and reporting on such subsidies, we find that they outweigh the very grant. Of course, they need to amalgamate” he said.

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