The American Church about Putin: Conquer half of Europe

Putin predicted a war with Europe

The American pastor has interpreted the Bible, attributing Russia’s power.

American journal of The Trumpet, which is available since 1990 on behalf of the Philadelphia Church of God has published an analysis of “prophecy” Books Asikis, which allegedly talks about “the last years”.

So, the author of the analysis of “prediction” claims that the Bible says about Putin, which is listed in the book as “the chief Prince of Meshech and tubal”.

“In verse 8 of Chapter 38 of the book of Ezekiel refers to the “last years” – what we are living now. This Chapter has shaken the world news of the mighty Russian Empire and its “Prince” inspires universal fear” – it is told in the journal.

“And to me the word of the Lord: son of man! set your face against Gog in the land Magog, the chief Prince of Meshech and tubal, and prophesy against him a prophecy” (Ezekiel 38:1-2). Most scholars agree that “Gog” is Russia, and “Magog” includes China . The offspring of Meshech and tubal were close to each other throughout history. In Assyrian and Greek records Meshech appears under the names of Musku, “Musky” or “Fly” – all these names are connected with the Russian pronunciation of “Moscow” that you can learn from International standard Bible encyclopedia. What about a tubal? On the Eastern slopes of the Ural mountains lies the city of Tobolsk, named after the Tobol river, derived from tubal. Once from Tobolsk Siberia was ruled by the Russian provincial government, and he was considered the Asian capital of Russia”, – explains the author.

Then the author of the column quoted the prophecy of the Apostle John: “the number of the army of the horsemen were two hundred; and I heard their number” (Revelation 9:16).

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“It means the army of 200 million people! This number exceeds the number of people living worldwide at the time of recording of the prophecy. It is a prophecy of the end times that will soon come true. The Bible gives us important details about this greatest of collected on Earth’s armies. She talks about what people will muster his soldiers. She suggests that this army will be composed of the forces of several Asian Nations. She calls it Asian Union “kings from the rising sun”, – explained further in the magazine.

Further, the author suggests that such a military Alliance may join India and Japan. And end it all Armageddon.

“The incredible war between forces of Europe and Asia will end with the return of Jesus Christ! However, there is something striking: even after most of the population of the Earth will be affected by a nuclear war and utter destruction, the survivors still do not wish to turn to the Lord!” – adds the author.

“We should carefully observe Vladimir Putin. I’m almost certainly sure that he is the “Prince of Rosh” to write about where the Lord told Ezekiel two and a half thousand years ago! We should observe what is happening in Russia and the reaction to this from Europe. 44 verse 11 of the Chapter of the book of Daniel refers to the “rumors from the East” who have disturbed Europe. Putin’s actions in Georgia, Ukraine, the middle East and other places, are deeply worried about Europe and the rest of the world. The revival of Russia – which we often read in the headlines demonstrates the rapid fulfillment of biblical prophecies about the end times!”, – complete article in the magazine.

We will remind, earlier ex-General of NATO described the scenario of the Third world.

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