The Arctic ocean is threatened with extinction




Photo: hronika.info

After scientists study our planet’s magnetic field came to the conclusion that the Earth in 250 million years will get a different look.

Scientists say that the Earth in 250 million years will get a different look. To such conclusion scientists came after the study of the magnetic field of our planet.

Men of science assume that in 250 million years all the continents on planet Earth unite into a single entity. Now they call it Amazia, because presumably the Earth is one continent, which will combine the current both America and Asia.

It can disappear the Arctic ocean and the Caribbean sea. These water spaces will clamp new mainland education. Scientists say that such modifications to our planet will cause a changing magnetic field.

However, all the processes occurring on a planetary level takes a huge amount of time on the concepts of people, so to expect a quick change is not necessary . At the moment there is a scientific theory that early Earth consisted of one continent called Pangaea. Over time the movement of tectonic plates it was divided into seven independent parts.

Research staff noted the importance of finding other planets for human settlement. Nothing is eternal, and if people do not understand this fact, it can cause the death of the human race.

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