The authorities intend to toughen the sale of “Hawthorn”: unacceptable alcohol purchase drugs without a prescription – Sazonov

The Department of tax and customs policy expressed full support regarding the initiative to ban a number of alcohol-containing medicines for medical prescription.

According to “Russian conversation” about it it became known from the statement of the head of the companies Alexey Sazanov.

According to him, is unacceptable when citizens acquire in one hand a lot of bottles.

“You can’t let go “Hawthorn” ten bottles of half-liter in one hand in pharmacies, it’s weird, even if it is a drug that is in the list”, – said the Minister.

According to the idea Sazanov, requires not just the introduction of prescription sales, but also reducing the allowable amount of medicines containing alcohol sold to one person.

He believes that any of the citizens, as these drugs – drugs that do not require large volumes .

It is worth mentioning that the result of a mass poisoning “Hawthorn” was the death of nearly 80 citizens of Russia. After that, the authorities have adopted a series of harsh and restrictive measures.

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