The Baltic fleet feet: the combat Corvette “Boykiy” and naval aviation had shot from the enemy with guns and huge shells

In the Baltic fleet held joint exercises of the newest Corvette “Courageous” and naval aviation. In the framework of the exercise the soldiers had made about 50 landings on Board the Corvette on the Ka-27 during the course of the ship and during the drift of the combat units. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

In addition, “Boikiy fulfilled artillery
firing at air and sea targets from 100-mm universal artillery systems
A-190 30-mm installation AK-630M. The pilots of naval aviation BF
practiced methods of search and tracking submarines conditional
of the enemy.

As you know, combat
the ship “Courageous” joined the fleet on may 16, 2013.

Earlier it was noted that the new Russian missile “Sarmat” will be the killer of us missile defense.

The Russians claim that their aim is to overcome
us missile defense system . But in this case there is no need to launch the rocket roundabout
by using the South pole as the American missile defense
designed to protect against limited nuclear attacks by
such renegades like North Korea, and possibly in the future, and Iran. In
the system of national missile defense is only 30 interceptors ground
home, which are placed in Alaska and California, and have
it is highly questionable efficacy. They will not be able to disrupt the massive
nuclear missile attack Russia. It is therefore very strange that the Russian
developing a heavy ICBM, to overcome almost non-existent
the missile defense system.

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