The Board of Trustees of the movie discussed the “new challenges”

On 12 October the Board of Trustees discussed the movie, how to live. Established in 1995, the Government Fund primarily was designed to support the budget funding the best of domestic cinema. And with this mission, as noted in the open part of the meeting of the Board of Trustees, coped better than most: the number of moviegoers is growing, the share of domestic films in theaters too. However, the major part of the meeting took place behind closed doors. About the problems, I suppose, said there.

Many of the tasks assigned to the Fund when to “reset” the system of state support of national cinema in 2010, completed, stated the head of the Board of Trustees Vladimir Tolstoy:

— Key indicator: the share of Russian cinema, which was to be by the end of this year will be 20% in theaters. In addition, significantly increased the audience of the cinemas to 34 million people per year, of which 90% watched movies, created with the support of the cinema Fund.

Among other achievements — support for more than 400 projects totaling about 30 billion rubles, and the production of more than 200 projects have been completed, and the movies went into wide release. Their total fees exceeded 36 billion rubles. This means that for every ruble allocated irrecoverable state support received more than three rubles at the box office.

To some extent this is a consequence of the main bets on the leaders in the distribution of funds according to the Fund. Thus, “in General, government policy has been correct,” stated Tolstoy. “However, life puts new challenges in front of the cinema Fund. How to answer these questions, we need to discuss today,” he added.

The major change occurred with the composition of the audience. Them to the cinema really comes more than before: in 2016 more than 200 million visits. However, the number of teenagers declined by almost half, and the primary audience of the cinemas today are people of age group 30-35 years, most of the family. This means that films need to refocus with a younger audience in the family. And a lot of work.

Change and growth of documentary film: it is waiting for more powerful support of the state. However, as stressed by Tolstoy: “Today we do not have to adopt any specific solution — only to listen to knowledgeable people. I stronnik a balanced approach. The threat to the industry is the constant changes in the rules. Moreover, changes made on-the-go”.

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