The Cabinet approved the reimbursement by prisoners to the value of its content

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the procedure for compensation of prisoners the cost of their expenses in penal institutions.

According to the decree №80 dated February 14, the government has established that the compensation of prisoners the cost of their maintenance for the month is from earnings, pensions and other income accrued convicted in the month following the reporting month.

The maintenance of convicts in penal institutions includes the provision of housing and services.

To housing and community services that may be provided to convicted persons, include: utilities (centralized supply of cold and hot water, drainage, gas and electricity, district heating and waste collection, etc.); services on maintenance of houses and constructions and house adjoining territories .

To household services that may be provided to convicted persons include services: Shoe repair, clothing and household textile products; repair, restoration and renovation of furniture; repair of radio and television and other audio and video equipment; repair of electrical appliances and other household appliances; washing, processing of linen and other textiles; services of saunas, hairdressing and clothing.

The cost of the maintenance is calculated according to the types of services that are directly related to ensuring the proper material conditions while serving the sentence.

The method of calculation of reimbursement of cost of cost of maintenance shall be approved by the Ministry of justice.

The funds, which the institution of corrections receives compensation from prisoners the cost of their maintenance, shall be credited to the special Fund of the state budget.

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