The Church and academics responded to critics of the exhibition “Russia-my story”

The organizers of the historic parks “Russia — my story” on December 13, held a press-conference in which course has commented on critical remarks of experts of the Free historical society. According to the organizers omissions in the materials exhibitions errors are few and insignificant. With support for the exhibitions were made by the representatives of the Ministry of education. The Ministry plans to use exhibitions as teaching AIDS.

Recall that in early December, 2018 members of the Free historical society (VIO) has asked the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation to verify the correctness of the information presented at the exhibitions “Russia — my story”. According to scientists from VIO, a number of events were covered very biased, but also incorrect from the standpoint of historical science. Historians of VIO pointed to the misplaced eulogies without exception the kings .

In the light of such facts, including information about Ivan the terrible as a victim of the “first information war”, and the Decembrists as the agents of foreign intelligence services – some historians (e.g. Daniel kotsjubinsky from St. Petersburg) even urged the community to boycott the “this malicious historical-political venture”.

The first speaker was the Chairman of the Patriarchal Council for culture, Bishop Tikhon (Shevkunov). Bishop parried the accusations about the glorification of Ivan the terrible, putting that in the materials of the exhibition “so many articles tell of the horrors of the oprichnina!”. While Bishop Tikhon recognized the impropriety of a few quotations, which was earlier pointed out by historians of the VIO, noting that “neither Otto Bismarck or bill Clinton or Margaret Thatcher did not say those words that they are assigned”.

In defense of the exhibition were also made by acting rector RGGU Alexander Bezborodov and rector of the Moscow pedagogical state University Aleksey Lubkov, who called it “a serious civilizational project” and “innovative opportunity to create a national historical narrative”. No less interesting was the speech of the Director of the Institute of Russian history, Yuri Petrov, reminding, led by the Institute acted as a consultant to the organizers of the exhibition. Petrov should devolve parks “Russia – my story” official status of an educational institution.

At the end of the press conference “freestyle historians,” said the Director of the Department of state policy in the sphere of education Andrei Petrov of the Ministry of education. He said that the Ministry has used and will use historical parks in her work.

Published in “Kommersant” comments co-Chairman of the Free historical society Nikita Sokolov noted that any textbook should be a standard procedure of examination, as all the textbooks.

Sokolov says that the exhibition is almost never presents the contribution of ordinary people, peasants and citizens: “it shows some kings and secretaries-General, although historians around the world have long explain that kings, generals and Ministers — not the only one who makes history” – the words of Sokolov “Kommersant”.

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